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The Leading with Emotional Intelligence Program offers participants an immersion experience conducted in a 2 day workshop format, with leading emotional intelligence feedback tools and approaches. The program features the Index for Emotional Intelligence, as well as the FIRO-Business Report.

Who should attend?

This program has been designed for Managers who are seeking to develop their emotional intelligence, through enhanced self-awareness and self- management. Participants with backgrounds in the private, not-for-profit or public sector are encouraged to attend.


  • IQ versus emotional intelligence – EI competencies
  • Index for Emotional Intelligence © – personal feedback report
  • Understanding me at my best – leadership identity
  • Developing social awareness – reading emotional cues in others



  • Maintaining effective interpersonal relationships – FIRO-Business Report ©
  • Active and attending listening as an emotionally intelligent leader
  • Emotional intelligence and the six leadership styles – LSW
  • Understanding me not at my best – the amygdala hijack
  • Action planning

Recent Feedback

This program has run in Asia Pacific and the Middle East. Recent participant feedback has included the following:

‘I am extremely impressed with this program, especially knowing myself better and applying practical tools to improve my emotional intelligence’.

‘I learnt a lot about myself and how my emotions are viewed by others at work.’

‘Excellent training, providing concepts, knowledge and tools to make me more effective in leading my team as an emotionally intelligent leader’.