Lift the performance of an existing senior team, through development of greater self-awareness in team members.

Executive teams are facing challenges around ambiguity and complexity like never before. High performance organisations understand the need for executive teams to take time out to reflect on practice, ensuring that relationships are robust and that the team is having the critical conversations required to make effective decisions, gain commitment and drive accountability for performance.

This program has been designed as a custom offering, conducted over 2 days with two over-arching themes: a team ‘health check’ (day 1) and a strategic planning forum (day 2). The agenda for the workshop would be customised depending upon individual needs, with a popular approach detailed below.

Target Audience

In-tact senior and executive teams who are looking to enhance their performance as a team and develop strategy for the future.

Content and Approach

  • What high performance executive teams do – the new science of high team performance
  • Hogan Insight Profile – individual and team profile
  • Discussing the ‘undiscussables’ – having courageous conversations
  • Benchmarks 360 – individual and team profile
  • Building commitment, accountability and results orientation
  • Planning and VUCA

  • Growth, customer-centricity and innovation

  • Thinking strategically: McKinseys’ Three Horizons

  • Understanding value proposition

  • Types of innovation

  • Cascading strategy